About the Sliedrecht Family

Tim and Angie live and work in Buikwe, Uganda at Good Shepherd’s Fold, whose mission is to make disciples through child care & advocacy, education, and community development, so that they are holistically building thriving families and transforming communities for and with Christ. As the Director of Community Development, Tim endeavors to equip, empower, edify, and engage the GSF Staff, church & community leaders, teachers & students, and parents, including the most vulnerable and under-resourced, to live out and preach the Gospel. Being grounded in faith, hope, and love, the Fruit of the Spirit can blossom in their lives and thus their families can thrive and their communities can be transformed. On such a foundation, Tim and the GSF Community Development department seek to come alongside and collaborate with leaders and members of the local communities to research, plan, implement, and oversee integrated movements of personal, economic, and spiritual growth. The focus of these movements are on reconciliation with God, self, others, and the land, highlighting their dignity, assets and resources while addressing the brokenness within their communities. Out of this process, under Tim's leadership, the following initiatives and movements are currently taking place (Lord willing, with more to come): Food & Medical Relief, The Proclaimer Program (audio Bible), Farming God’s Way, The Stoplight Approach (parenting), Adult Literacy Education (integrated with ESL, math and business, human rights, Christianity, health), Wise Choices for Life (reproductive health), Tailoring School, Evangelism Explosion, Trees for School Fees, Trauma Healing, Earth Bag House Building, Moringa Nutrition, Post Harvest Storage and Handling, Marked Men for Christ, Community Centre for Children with Disabilities, Freedom in Christ.