Rev. Steve DeVries

Hi, my name is Steve De Vries and I’m Pastor of Worship and Leadership here at Plymouth Heights CRC. The “Worship” in my title means that I do most of the preaching here, and the “Leadership” means that I get to go to most of the meetings. Well, I suppose it means a little more than that. As the main preaching pastor here I’ve got the challenge and the opportunity of presenting God’s Word in ways that challenge our normal way of thinking. Whether you grew up going to Sunday School every Sunday, or watching MTV every day (or both), you’ll probably find a different take on the Bible and how it guides us here at Plymouth.

My family (wife, Lori and kids, Marie, Sam and Charlie) and I came here four years ago from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We spent 13 years there as missionaries. Most of our work there was with churches made up of Haitian immigrants, though we also worked with several small Dominican churches.

Our life there as well as time spent in Costa Rica and the Philippines gives us a different perspective on living and serving God here in Grand Rapids.  What we love about Plymouth is the welcoming community we’ve found for our family and the long standing commitment to serve God as best we can in this place. We’ve got all kinds of opportunities to connect with people in our neighborhood, and we’re praying for more. What we’re about is pretty much summed up in our vision statement, “Equipping disciples to become neighbors, and inviting neighbors to become disciples.” If that sounds interesting to you, we hope you’ll check us out.